Christopher Ride
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  • An action-packed time-travel thriller from the author of the bestselling The Schumann Frequency.

    In 1860 a young man appears inside the walls of the Forbidden City of Peking. He has the most striking sapphire-blue eyes, and – more importantly – he appears to know every aspect of the future.

 Randall Chen is a time-traveller who, with the help of his fellow Overseer Wilson Dowling, has been sent back on a mission to protect the greatest treasure in Asia.

 But even with Randall’s exceptional foresight he will underestimate Empress Ci Xi, a calculating Manchurian beauty with an insatiable lust for power.

 Using her considerable intellect and charm to draw in the mysterious blue-eye, she will turn his powers to her advantage. 

And the consequences will echo throughout the ages…

    Published in hard-copy as The First Boxer

    Christopher Ride's new best seller is a breathless action adventure with a time travel twist - set in the lost city of the Incas...
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