Christopher Ride
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  • Having lived and travelled extensively across six continents, Christopher was born in Canberra but grew up in diverse places such as Burma, Peru, Turkey, Canada, Tanzania and the United States. As such, he has a keen interest in history, customs and culture which he puts to great effect in his globe trotting historical adventures. Having self published his first novel, The Schumann Frequency in 2007 (Random House release 2008), Christopher was signed by Random House to a multiple book deal for his Overseer Series. Since then he has released two further books, The Last Empress in 2009 (Formerly published as The First Boxer), and The Inca Curse in 2012.

    Recognised as a thought leader in Australian IT, Christopher has made Interactive Pty Ltd one of Australia’s most successful IT service companies. With more than 400 staff, over 2000 corporate clients, and a growth profile of more than 20% per annum, Interactive is one of the most respected and well recognised IT brands in Australia. As a result, Interactive is the proud recipient of numerous excellence and service awards, and Christopher was a 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year winner.

    Christopher Ride is an international best-selling author, multi-award winning owner and Managing Director for one of Australia's top 500 privately owned companies.
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